Clubs and Extracurricular Activities

Students at Crestwood Middle School participate in a variety of extracurricular activities
to enrich and enhance their overall school experience.

Group Description Activities
Art Club – Ms. Yancey-Hayes Art club allows the students to explore the use of
various art media.
Create drawings, paintings, ceramics, plaster
sculptures and crafts.
AVID – Mrs. Rew The purpose of this club is to promote participation
of the AVID program and provide support during
and after school.
The club will provide support for all AVID students for
the many AVID strategies they work on throughout the
year, promote community service, organize schoolwide
social functions and activities, and provide
leadership training through guest speakers or field
Chess Club – Mr. Linke Students will learn to play chess or strengthen
their game-play through friendly competition.
Informal tournament. Timed and alternate rule games
for advanced players.
Debate Team – Mr. Riberdy Researches and debates a national policy topic. (Requires try-out) Participates in City Debate tournament.
FCCLA (Family, Career, Community
Leaders of America) – Ms. Peak
 Teen Living students who are interested in
community service will have that opportunity as
FCCLA members.
CWM community service activities include the annual
Coat & Jean Drive and keeping the flower beds by the
gymnasium entrance attractive and welcoming.
Additionally, students create items to donate, like
sewing dog scarves for the animal shelter, or sell to
raise money for selected charities. (Must be enrolled or
have taken a Teen Living class in the past.)
Forensics Team – Mrs. Madu and Mrs. Viola  Students interested in public speaking. (Requires
 Competes in poetry, prose, and original oratory.
Participates in City Forensics Tournament.
Junior Student to Student Program – Mrs. Windley This group is comprised of volunteer students who
are trained to assist inbound and outbound
transitioning students with academics,
relationships, and just finding their way in a new
school environment.
 The goal is to make new students feel welcomed,
comfortable, included and accepted into their new
school community as well as to help outbound students
better prepare for transitioning to another school.
National Junior Honor Society – Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Viola  Crestwood Middle School has a charter for this
prestigious national organization. Students must
have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 to be considered for
membership. The Faculty Council selects
members based on the pillars of Scholarship,
Leadership, Service, Citizenship, and Character.
 Community service is a hallmark of the NJHS.
Members do the morning announcements, serve as
library assistants, help with the canned food drive, and
collect money for breast cancer research.
Sport Teams – Mrs. Burr and Mr. Spellman  Students have the opportunity to try out for
various sports teams.
 Crestwood teams compete in the Chesapeake Middle
School League.
Steel Drum Band  – Mr. Dunn  Students interested in playing steel drums.  (Requires try-out) Performs at many school and community events.
 STEM Robotics Club – Mrs. Hernandez and Mrs. Roy  STEM Robotics Club introduces robotics to youth
ages 11 to 14 and develops interests in the fields
of science, technology, engineering, and math.
Members will cultivate decision-making, teambuilding,
critical thinking, and communication skills
while implementing an understanding of the
scientific and engineering design processes.
 Robots will be designed, built, and programmed to
perform assigned tasks.
 Step Team – “FALCON STEPPERS – Mr. Spellman and Mrs. CollasoWhidbee  The “Falcon Steppers” are a competition based
group that performs the routines that are mostly
based on the African art of stepping. Students will
be required to act, sing and dance using all genres
of music. (Requires try-out)
 Performs at athletic events, pep rallies, assemblies,
community events, and competitions.
Student Ambassadors – Mr. Purpora and Mrs. Windley Strives to eliminate bullying at CWM by showing
respect, bully-proofing bystanders, and sharing
coping strategies and problem solving techniques.
1. Good academic standing= 2.0 GPA
2. Good citizenship= no discipline referrals
3. Positive peer relationships
4. Teacher recommendations
Bullying Awareness Task Force