Office 365 Pro Plus

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Chesapeake Public Schools is happy to announce the availability of Office 365 Pro Plus at no charge to all Chesapeake Public School (CPS) students for use on personal computer equipment.
The licensing allows the installation of the software on up to five compatible PC and/or MAC computers. In addition, a simplified version of the software may be installed on up to five tablet/mobile devices. The license will remain active as long as the division maintains this agreement and as long as you are a CPS student. Once the student withdraws from the division, they are no longer legally licensed to use the software.

Licensing is provided for the following Microsoft products free of charge:

  • Word
  • Access
  • Excel
  • One Drive
  • One Note
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Skype for Business

Installation and use of this software is not a requirement of Chesapeake Public Schools and is offered solely as a resource. The division is unable to provide technical support for the installation or use of the product. The division is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the use of this product. Additionally, CPS Department of Information Technology personnel are not authorized to work on any personal devices.

The instructions below will assist you in accessing the Office 365 Pro Plus software. This is for use on your personal equipment only. Instructions may vary depending upon your specific computer.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Student Identification Number (you may receive a message to select work or school account or personal account – select work or school), followed by .An example would look like this:

    If you do not know your Student Identification Number, you can find it in ParentVue. See the screenshot below:

    • Log into ParentVue
    • On the Navigation menu for each student select “Student Info”
      synergy ParentVue left side navigation
    • The Perm ID will show beside the Student Name
      Synergy ParentVue student information screen
    • The password is your CPS network password. If you do not know your CPS Network password, your child must retrieve their password from their schools’ TIS. No passwords can be distributed over the phone.
  3. Click Sign In.
    • Note: Students must have signed into the CPS Network at their school at least once for their accounts to be activated.
  4. Once you are signed in, click Install Office 2016 located in the upper right-hand corner (below the black navigation bar).
  5. Select Run. Follow any prompts that may appear. The installation should begin and will take several minutes.
  6. may provide additional useful information for this software.
  7. You will receive a notification once the installation is complete.
  8. Chesapeake Public Schools assumes no responsibility in any circumstance for damage or loss of information/files due to the use of this product. Chesapeake Public Schools is not responsible for any documents uploaded to One Drive.