Achievers Academy

Students are enrolled in the following Elective and Resource classes:

  • Art (Ashley Phelps, Teacher)
  • Band (Glendon Parke, Band Director)
  • Chorus (Dr. Toney L. McNair, Jr., Choral Director)*
  • German (Birgit Laramie)
  • Math Specialist (Judy Little, Teacher)*
  • Media (Sue Covert, Media Specialist)
  • Spanish/French (Mayra Batista)
  • Technology (Steve Adams, Teacher)
  • Teen Living (Alta Custis, Teacher)
  • Reading Specialist (Margie Vaughan, Teacher)
  • Reading 180 (Shawn Vollrath)

Art, Foreign Language (6th and 7th grade French and Spanish), Teen Living, and Technology are known as Exploratory Electives. These classes provide a basic foundation and instruction in the perspective subjects for students who desire exposure to these subjects.

Band, Chorus, Orchestra, and Foreign Language (8th grade German and Spanish) are year-long classes. The music program is specialized and students learn to read music as well as perform it at all levels for diverse audiences. The Foreign Language classes are credit bearing classes for which students receive high school credit.