IRMS Administrative Team: John Cavanaugh, Terre Werts, Deirdre Williams, Stephanie Galloway


Ms. Terre Werts, Principal

Ms. Terre Werts, Principal

Ms. Terre Werts is in her fourth year as Principal at Indian River Middle School. Ms. Werts feels that in order to motivate students, you must establish a unique connection with them. Each student needs to know that they are valued and that their commitment and determination to their own learning is important, not only to themselves and their families, but also to their administrators, teachers, and community.



Deirdre Williams, 8th grade administrator

Mrs. Deirdre Williams, 8th Grade Assistant Principal





John Cavanaugh, 7th grade administrator

Mr. John Cavanaugh, 7th Grade Assistant Principal





Stephanie Galloway, 6th grade administrator

Mrs. Stephanie Galloway, 6th Grade Assistant Principal