Student Discipline

Mission Statement
The Office of Student Discipline will assist the superintendent’s cabinet, principals and their staffs, and the community in maintaining a safe and orderly environment for student learning and achievement, and will be the first line of appeal for pupil discipline.

Primary Functions:

  • Implementing School Board policies
  • Assisting principals with student discipline
  • Liaison with courts, case managers, community service agencies
  • Coordinating administrative homebound
  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Coordinating reenrollment plans
  • Substance abuse cases
  • Alternative placements
  • Re-admittance

Expulsion Recommendation Functions:

  • Implementing School Board policies
  • Coordinating with school principals
  • Evaluating & preparing expulsion cases for administrative hearings
  • Liaison with superintendent’s staff
  • Maintaining contacts with parents
  • Assisting superintendent and School Board with expulsion hearings