Student Services

Mission Statement
The Department of Pupil Discipline/Student Activities/School Safety will provide quality services to the Superintendent’s cabinet, principals and their staffs and communities in maintaining a safe and orderly environment for student learning and achievement; will provide oversight for selected school safety programs; and oversight for student activities programs.

The Department of Pupil Discipline/Student Activities/School Safety is a quality focused, customer driven department whose success is built upon its talented and motivated people. The department cares about students and their communities, the schools they attend, and the educators who provide opportunities for student learning and achievement. Continuous improvement in pupil discipline, school safety, and student activities is the way the department conducts business.

Department values are:

Customer Focus
Team Work


Discrimination Policy
All members of the Chesapeake Public School community are reminded that the Chesapeake City School Board and all Chesapeake Public Schools are committed to avoiding discrimination at all times. As School Board Policy 3-6 indicates:
The school board is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all and shall not permit unfair discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. This principle shall apply to students, employees, patrons, vendors and all others who serve or are served by the school system . . .

This requirement extends to all aspects of the school program, including the educational and extracurricular programs.

Procedures for seeking resolution of grievances resulting from alleged discrimination are available from the Title IX (Sex Discrimination) Coordinator:

Director of Student Services
312 Cedar Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322

Under no circumstances shall school personnel retaliate in any way against a victim or other school personnel who have provided information as a witness to an incident of discrimination.

Chesapeake Public Schools Bullying Initiative
Chesapeake Public Schools will not tolerate any type of bullying, including cyber bullying, even if it occurs outside of school on equipment not owned by Chesapeake Public Schools. Students engaged in bullying behaviors will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension and/or a recommendation for expulsion. Incidents in which the behavior is believed to constitute criminal activity will also be referred to the proper law enforcement officials.

While bullying can involve a single, severe behavior, bullying usually is defined as repeated negative behaviors intended to frighten or cause harm that may include, but are not limited to verbal, written, or electronic (virtual) threats or physical harm.

A student, either individually or as a part of a group, shall not harass or bully others. Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to physical intimidation, taunting, name-calling, insults, false statements about other persons, and any combination of prohibited activities. Prohibited conduct also includes verbal conduct consisting of comments regarding the race, gender, religion, physical abilities or characteristics or associates of the targeted person.

Information on cyberbullying from the Virginia Department of Education.