Sports and VHSL Activities at WBHS

All sports and VHSL Activities prepare throughout the entire school year. Official tryout dates are located below, however feel free to contact the coach for specifics concerning the sport and tryout times and locations.

VHSL Sports Physical Form

Coach Contact Email Sport Season Tryout Date
Wright, Roland Baseball Spring 02/20/2017
Hall, Paul Basketball – Boys Winter 11/07/2016
Terry, Troy Basketball – Girls Winter 11/07/2016
Nelson, Tecia Cheering (Wrestling) Fall 11/09/2016
Williamson, Ashley Cheerleading / Practice and tryout info Fall 07/31/2017
Wells, Chris Drama Winter 11/07/2016
Johnson, James Field Hockey Fall 08/01/2016
Gibson, Gregory Football Fall 08/01/2016
Hood, Molly Forensics Winter 11/07/2016
Quinn, Karl Golf Fall 08/01/2016
Riordan, Brett Scholastic Bowl Winter 11/07/2016
Gasparini, Gene Soccer – Boys Spring 02/20/2017
Journigan, Becky Soccer – Girls Spring 02/20/2017
Wright, Sarah Softball Spring 02/20/2017
Salpeter, Mike Swimming Winter 11/07/2016
Anderson, Tom Tennis – Boys Spring 02/20/2017
Smith, Justin Tennis – Girls Spring 02/20/2017
Toukene, Claude Track All year 08/01/2016
Parker, Jason Volleyball – Boys Fall 08/01/2016
Arnette, Bob Volleyball – Girls Fall 08/01/2016
Hardy, Brandon Wrestling Winter 11/07/2016